Italia (Italy) extends for 1300 Km from North to South, plus about 300 km for the island of Sicilia (Sicily) and another 250 Km for the Island of Sardegna (Sardinia). There are numerous beautiful other minor islands which are part of Italy. Italy topography is extremely diverse, from the highest Mountains in Europe and most of the Alps to flat plains and spectacular Mediterranean coastline, from rolling hills to isolated delta areas and lagoons, from glaciers to volcanoes and so on…Italy never ends to surprise you every few kilometers. It has 7500 Km of coastline, dotted with fishing towns and sea resorts, mountain valleys dotted with chalets and ski resorts and numerous spectacular lakes dotted with elegant villas.
The Alps are the northern barriers which protect Italy from the cold winds and the Apennines chain runs all over the Italian peninsula like a spine. The population of Italy is about 58 million people and 54% of them live in urban areas.
The climate is Continental in the Northern Regions and Mediterranean along the peninsula especially along its coasts.
Italy's economy is very diversified and today Italy is the fifth largest economy in the world, poor in natural resources, but rich in ingenuity and creativity of its people. Italy is a Republic since 1949, before it was a kingdom and before that Italy went through so many different leaderships in history that it is almost impossible to list them all: from Kings to Emperors, from Popes to Republics, from City States to Dictators, from Foreign Occupations to Revolutions…you name it, Italy experimented all these over and over in History.
Today Italy is divided in 20 different Regions/States of which 5 are autonomous because of their unique and ethnical cultural realities. All these Regions are like diverse and proud realities with their own culture, economy, architecture, cuisine, dialects, traditions and even lifestyles…but all together Italy and the Italians make a beautiful ensemble of proud people who have always contributed so much to the Western Civilization and still today they are among the most powerful Nations on earth.