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  1. Collection of Information: When you start browsing Spirit of Places Ltd. web site and have not signed-in/registered yet for online services and travel information from Spirit of Places Ltd., you browse anonymously. Spirit of Places Ltd. however, uses “cookies”, “clients variables” to collect statistical information about how the web site and server are used and to recognize you as a returned online service user. Before sharing important information in our exclusive Portfolio of collected Travel Services with the web user, Spirit of Places Ltd.’s policy requires that you, the web user, sign-in/register with Spirit of Places Ltd. and accept all its Terms & Conditions. Therefore, you voluntarily accept to share some of your personal data with us and this is to enhance your site experience, expedite communications, accept your travel requests, put you in touch with outside specific-to-your-needs travel suppliers of services, and help you design and plan the best possible quality travel experience. Allowing Spirit of Places Ltd. to collect some information about you, such as name, location, email, contact phone number, etc. will expedite our communication with you and share with you specific important information collected by us during years of travel experience, knowledge and passion for the discovering of special places and special interest services.
  2. Use of collected information: Spirit of Places Ltd. uses your personal information, voluntarily given to us by you, only for the purpose of responding and processing your requests for Spirit of Places Ltd.’s travel services and, if necessary, will have to share your data only to those authorized and trusted outside travel service providers/suppliers partnered and/or affiliated with Spirit of Places Ltd. (but over which Spirit of Places Ltd. does not have any control whatsoever) and who need them to provide with their own travel services to you. After signing-in, you will be assigned your own Customer ID number with which you will be initially put in touch with outside providers/suppliers of travel services and therefore furthermore protect your privacy until your personal data is necessary to finalize the reservation/booking of travel services. Therefore, we may use personal information you have given us within the group of companies, which could provide further specific travel services to you.
  3. Control of your personal data: During the sign-in process, you can choose your own User Name and Password and you will receive a confirmation by email with your personal Identification Number (I.D.) assigned by us. This will facilitate your future logins and at the same time you will be able to edit your own information as necessary.
  4. Become a Spirit of Places Ltd. member: The sign-in process allows you to become a Spirit of Places Ltd.’s member and to access important additional information within our portfolio of travel services. This is important because only those who sign-in will be able to benefit of many additional important and valuable information collected by our many years of searching and selecting quality places, facilities, services. When you sign-in/register to become a member of Spirit of Places Ltd., we use your information to create your member account.
  5. Cookies: Spirit of Places Ltd. does, however, use “cookies”, “clients variables” and “session variables” to collect information about how the site and server are used and to recognize you as a Spirit of Places Ltd. online service user when you re-enter our site. We strongly suggest that you choose to accept “cookies” in your browser preferences because if you do not you will not be able to access many travel services and planning tools offered to you by Spirit of Places Ltd.
  6. Membership Cancellation: If you choose so, you can always contact us in writing to be cancelled from our membership list of signed-in web users.

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